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WNF - Production Coordinator

Job Summary:   Oversee activities of the fabrication department and coordinate workload with other departments.

General Duties:

  1. Scheduling of fabrication production.
  2. Coordinate production with:
    1. Sales department – provide completion dates for new orders, and revised completion dates for       orders not leaving on time.
    2. Shipping department – provide completion times for today’s orders if running late, and revised completion dates for orders not leaving that day.
    3. Weeknight Fabrication Supervisor – Provide information on what’s left to be completed for today’s orders also provide information on production priorities for the evening shift.
  3. Supervise and direct all activities of WNF Lead Persons to ensure all of their daily responsibilities are being met.
  4. Responsible for efficiently organizing the work flow of orders.
  5. Ensure all the assigned /scheduled fabrication work is completed for the day.
  6. Monitor plant organization (Leads, Bends, Gaskets, Stock Parts, Scrap, etc.) in the fabrication area.
  7. Forecast the raw material needs for the fabrication dept. based on orders received and follow through to make sure current date is good.
  8. Communicate problems (i.e. orders, raw materials, employees) with Production Manager so a plan of action can be developed.
  9. Evaluate to make sure enough staff to efficiently complete orders on a timely basis.
  10. Assist in training of production employees as well as ensuring routine training documentation has been completed on new employees. (Safe Operating Procedures & General Safety Rules)
  11. Monitor and address employee productivity (quality and quantity) issues. Document as needed.
  12. Monitor work habits, behaviors and attitudes of employees. Communicate with shift employees on issues presented. Document as needed.
  13. Complete annual evaluations on WNF employees.
  14. Work with Lead persons on rejects so the source can be identified and resolved.
  15. Supervise the work done in the custom production area, and directly monitor and record material and labor.
  16. Work on new or current product designs and make sure all material, routings, tooling or equipment needed are documented and turned into Production Manager.
  17. Complete Fabrication Quarterly Inspection reports.
  18. Insure Attendance book is correct for the WDF shift.
  19. Insure that company safety policies, rules and regulations are adhered to.


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Warehouse Manager - Offsite (Dallas/Ft Worth, TX)

Job Summary:

Oversee daily activities of shipping/warehouse department and coordinate workload.

General Duties:

  1. Assign orders to shipping personnel and coordinate needs with warehouse personnel on priorities of the day.
  2. Responsible for the accuracy of all incoming and outgoing freight shipments. Delegate direct oversight as needed.
  3. Coordinate shipping dates with sales service.
  4. Responsibilities regarding personnel in areas of responsibility:
    1. Delegate day to day personnel oversight through department so workloads are handled in an efficient manner. Assigns job priorities and delegate oversight as needed.
    2. Responsible for the motivation and development of subordinates to optimize their work performance and department knowledge.
    3. Addresses employee inquires and resolve department personnel problems/complaints.
    4. Responsible for employee discipline issues when warranted.
    5. Ensures that employee evaluations are completed in a timely manner.
    6. Ensure all people are aware of company regulations and Safe Operating Procedures.
    7. Enforce company policies.
  5. Monitor shipping area organization, and appearance and ensure orderly processing of shipments is exercised.
  6. Responsible for forklift maintenance and schedule repairs as necessary.
  7. Coordinate any larger shipments scheduled to maintain cost effective freight movements.
  8. Communicate problems with (i.e. heavy workload, handling equip. employee issues) with Shipping/Receiving Manager so as to maintain a steady workflow.
  9. Coordinate with Warehouse inventory manager on product and stock levels.
  10. Assist in training of shipping personnel on work methods, procedures, company policies, and ensure routine training documentation is completed.
  11. Monitor productivity levels of shipping and warehouse personnel.
  12. Counsel subordinate employees and document as needed.
  13. Monitor and document errors made by shipping personnel, meet with all individuals involved to ensure they are aware that an error occurred, and what the end cost of an error to the company is, etc.
  14. Route daily shipments according to size and any specific customer requests or needs.
  15. Give annual evaluations of shipping and warehouse employees.
  16. Complete any attendance book entries on a daily basis.
  17. Report all injuries to Human Resources in a timely manner, and provide properly completed “First Report of Injury” forms from the injured person.
  18. Ensure that all trailers backed into loading dock have wheel chocks placed             between wheels before loading or unloading.
  19. Other duties assigned by management.


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Position Title: Molding Technician (2 Openings)

Reports To:      Molding Manager

Job Summary: 

Ensure that all molds, molding machines, and associated equipment are in safe, efficient operating condition. Perform “setup” and “change-over” duties.


Mold Maintenance

  1. Keep molds clean and store them away properly when not in use.
  2. Maintain a cleaning schedule for each mold.
  3. Do periodic checks of the mold in each molding machine. Lubricate pins, barrels, and watch for leaks.
  4. Maintain up-to-date mold logs and make special comments when warranted.


Mold Breakdowns

  1. Repair minor problems with molds (i.e. broken pins, nicks, scratches, leaks etc.).


Mold Installation and Removal

  1. Install molds using forklift and overhead gantry.
  2. Attach water lines, airlines, and other related equipment needed for mold operation.
  3. Organize the operating area. Note material to be used, check hopper, put in or remove chutes, etc.
  4. Start mold run and make adjustments required to assure a quality part.
  5. Shut down the molding machine when the production run is complete.
  6. Note any special problems during run and note time required removing the mold.
  7. Clean the tie bars, platen and chute areas after mold changes or when needed.
  8. Keep tools organized and picked up and put away when done.


Maintain proper operation of machine.

  1. Check all settings before starting a production run on molding machine.
  2. Inspect parts and check quality.
  3. Work with QC and operators on making proper adjustments.
  4. Aid Molding Supervisor in trouble-shooting.
  5. Maintain and repair water hoses.
  6. Check hydraulic cylinders, pins and spacers.
  7. Repair oil leaks.
  8. Check vacuum units, filters, hoses etc.


Machine checks to be made regularly.

  1. Automatic greasers.
  2. Oil temperatures (Daily).
  3. Water temps to and from mold.
  4. Vacuum functions.
  5. Check for leaks, oil, water, and air.
  6. Oil levels. (Daily)
  7. Water temperature controllers.


Keep a list of parts & equipment to be ordered.

  1. Micro switches, wire, filters, thermal couples, etc.
  2. Computer cards.


Follow all safety rules i.e. Lockout/Tag-out, Gantry, Forklift, PPE.

Other duties as assigned by Management.

Essential Functions:

Standing for long periods of time

Lifting up to 50 lbs.

Operating machinery

Able understanding operating procedures and warning signs

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Position Title:  Custom Production (Special Projects) - Week Day and Week Night Fab

Reports To:  Production Coordinator

Job Summary:

To fabricate "special order" non-sock fittings using a variety of methods, tools and materials.

General Duties:

  1. Review drawings or special projects and ask any questions before starting with leadperson.
  2. Assemble parts by beadwelding, epoxying or other means.
  3. Inspect any part for defects and contact leadperson of any.
  4. Make sure all proper protective equipment is used when using chemicals and air-handling system is used properly.
  5. Clean up your area at the end of your shift.
  6. Follow Safe Operating Procedures and General Safety Rules.
  7. Other duties assigned by Management.


Essential Functions:

Standing for long periods of time.

Lifting up to 50lbs, occasionally more.

Bending and stooping.

Able to spend time crouched or on knees.

Occasionally work while lying down.

Occasionally in confined spaces.

Operating machinery.

Operating hand tools.

Able to understand operating procedures and warning signs.

Must be able to read a tape measure.

Attention to detail.

Be able to follow diagrams.

Position Title:  Large Rieber Belling

Reports To:  Leadperson

Job Summary:

Operator heats up PVC pipe segments and places them onto the bellinghead machine, which shapes (bells) the ends.

General Duties:

  1. Set up heater (temps and depths) for the part to be reshaped.
  2. Set up pusher / limit switch positioning, as well as other tooling accessories for the operation to be performed.
  3. Place PVC pipe segments into heater.
  4. Position the heated PVC pipe onto the machine so it can shape the end.
  5. Check the angle of the part to ensure accuracy.
  6. Using the overhead hoist, remove the part when the machine has released it and move to the cooling tank.
  7. Accurately record the completed work and any rejected items on the production sheet.
  8. Check the produced item for quality.
  9. Clean up work area at the end of shift. (Approx. 10 minutes - max.)
  10. Follow Safe Operating Procedures and General Safety Rules.
  11. Other duties as assigned by Management


Essential Functions:

Standing for long periods of time

Regularly lifting 20lbs up to 50lbs, occasionally 75+ lbs.

Operating machinery

Able to understand operating procedures and warning signs

Must be able to read a tape measure.

Shipper (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Shipper (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Reports To:  Shipping Leadperson

 Summary Description:

 To efficiently stage, box and load product for shipment.  Communicate any work order discrepancies found to leadperson.

General Duties:

  1. Correctly label, box and palletize product for shipment in a timely manner.
  2. Accurately complete paperwork as product is boxed to ensure correct product and quantities are shipped.
  3. Cross-reference molded pick sheet with molded product prior to loading.
  4. Ensure trailers are chocked before loading or unloading product.
  5. Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
  6. Communicate any operational problems to leadperson on loading equipment.
  7. Follow safe operating procedures for all loading equipment as well as general safety rules.
  8. Other duties as assigned by Management.
  9. Forklift and/or pallet rider jacks experience preferred but will train.


Essential Functions:

  1. Must be able to lift up to 50-75 lbs.
  2. Must be able to bend while stacking boxes on pallets

Position Title:  CT Saw 

Reports To:  Leadperson

Job Summary:

Operator accurately cuts PVC (plastic) pipe into segments within a + - ¼” accuracy.

General Duties:

  1. Clean pipe prior to cutting.
  2. Transfer pipe on to rack.
  3. Set up machine using established procedures.
  4. Set up stop bar for correct length and safely cut pipe into segments.
  5. Communicate any problems found with the machine or PVC parts used to leadperson.
  6. Accurately record the completed work on the production sheet.
  7. When warranted, create a “work tag” and attach to the product completed.
  8. Clean up work area as needed and at the end of the shift. (10-15 minutes max.)
  9. Follow Safe Operating Procedures and General Safety Rules.
  10. Other duties as assigned by Management.


Essential Functions of the Job:

  1. Able to lift 50 lbs. and stand for long periods of time.
  2. Able to read, understand, and follow instructions, warning labels and postings
  3. Must be able to measure to within 1/8”
  4. Must be able to count.
  5. Must be able to walk to various other stations within the department with product of various weights.
  6. Occasional bending at the waist and at the knee.

Open Positions

  • • Mold Technicians (7 am - 3:30 pm)
  • • Special Projects (WDF & WNF)
  • • Floor Person (WDF)
  • • Large Horizontal (WDF)
  • • Special Projects (WDF)
  • • Reiber (WDF & WNF)
  • • CT Saw (WDF & WNF)
  • • Floor Person (WDF)


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Molding - Shift Hours

Week Day: Mon
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (5.5 hrs) AND
Tue – Thurs 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (11.5 hrs) = 40 hrs

Week Night: Mon-Wed
6:00 PM – 6:00 AM (11.5 hrs) AND
Thurs 6:00 PM to 12 AM (5.5 hrs) = 40 hrs

Week End Day:
Fri-Sun 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (11.5) AND
Mon 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM (5.5 hrs) = 40 hrs

Week End Night:
Thurs 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM (5.5) AND
Fri-Sun 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM (11.5 hrs) = 40 hrs

Mon-Thur 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM (8 hrs) AND
Fri 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM (8 hrs) = 40 hrs

Fabrication - Shift Hours

Wk. Day Fab. (WDF) 7:00AM – 3:30PM (8 hrs.) Mon.-Fri.

Wk. Night Fab. (WNF) 3:25PM – 1:55AM (10 hrs.) Mon.-Thur.

GPK Benefits

  • • Health
  • • Dental
  • • Vision
  • • Company paid Life Insurance
  • • 401(k) + match up to 5%
  • • Health Savings Account with company match
  • • Vacation
  • • Personal/Sick Time
Voluntary Benefits Include:
  • • Critical Illness
  • • AD&D
  • • Hospital Indemnity
  • • Short-Term Disability
  • • Long Term Disability
  • • Voluntary Group Life
  • • Discretionary Annual Bonus